Grading and Gradebook

Teacher gradebook, report card grades and historical grades management

Gradebook is the nerve center of operations in openSIS. Since teachers live within their grade books, we designed it specifically with robust features that are super easy to use. It is so intuitive that no teacher training is required.

At the end of the marking period (Term), a teacher can finalize the report card grades for the entire class in one click. All complex calculations for weighted and unweighted grades are automatically done by the system. The end of the term is always joyful in openSIS.

Standards Based Grading (SBG) is an approach to grading that deepens learning by highlighting strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

According to research, standards-based grading creates a more equitable learning environment, as students are given clear learning targets and rubrics that they can use to reach mastery of classroom content.

openSIS supports both Standards Based Grading and Efforts Based Grading. The simple and intuitive interface makes rubric based grading very easy for teachers.

Historical grades are the students' transcript records. These grades determine a student's graduation status and in many cases college entrance and scholarship eligibility. Accuracy and consistency are key to maintaining these records.

Historical grades for students enrolling from outside the current institution or district must be entered by hand. openSIS provides a simple spreadsheet like form for accurate data capture so that a four-year composite transcript can be generated for students.