Admissions and Applicant Processing

From building application form to admitting students, we got you covered!
Do not settle for generic application forms. At openSIS we provide custom-built online forms that feed directly to your openSIS account where you process and enroll applicants in a few clicks. Say Good-Bye to spreadsheets and double entries.

Your Logo & Branding

Your school's application form will be custom-built to match the schoolwebsite and its user experience (UX).

Your CSS & Color Scheme

Get full-color and styling customization done for the application form to make it appear as a seamless extension of the school website.

Your Fields

We build your application form based on the information you need to collect to make an informed judgment.

From photos and documents upload to any required detail of the student will be added as per your need.

Your Workflow

Maintain your school's workflow for applicant-to-student conversion. We adapt your processes.

No changes are required at your end.