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Primary Focus for Higher Education: Student Retention

openSIS is designed with direct input from administrators and educators and meets higher-education institutions' unique data management needs. Our cloud-based system provides anytime, anywhere access to accurate student data. The Central Student Database is a single source of truth for all student data and brings every stakeholder - students, teachers, administrators, and counselors to the same page.

Using openSIS, you can:

Increase Student Retention:

Retaining students is crucial for higher education institutions to maintain enrollment and revenue. One key strategy is to foster a strong sense of community and belonging on campus through robust student support services, active student organizations, and opportunities for meaningful interactions between students, faculty, and staff.

With openSIS, college counselors can get a real-time view of a student’s academic, and communication activities obtaining signals of distress or early warning signs of disengagement and a precursor to dropout. Use openSIS for authentic information dissemination, preventing students from falling into misinformation.

Decrease Cost of Student Information Management:

openSIS introduced a revolutionary and industry-first low-cost staff-based pricing. This helps institutions with high teacher-to-student ratios keep their cost down. Also, openSIS grows alongside the institution, accommodating changes in staff size with transparent and predictable pricing for easy budgeting. Whether a school experiences expansion or contraction, the pricing remains flexible, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede educational progress. Institutions can upsize or downsize during the renewal cycle, which could be monthly or annually.

Manage Student’s Mental Health:

With the pressures of academic success, social and peer relationships, and prospects, it can be challenging for students to maintain good mental health. The consequences of poor mental health can have severe impacts on a student's ability to learn, form relationships, and succeed in life.

openSIS has a special mental health information and action area on its system portal. Institutions can use this visible information area to keep students abreast of the available resources.

Increase Graduation Rate:

The graduation requirements and progress feature, commonly known as degree audit, is a powerful tool within openSIS. All stakeholders get a 360-degree overview of the student’s academic progress and can take timely intervention if there are signals of distress. This valuable and easy-to-access graphical representation of the data helps increase graduation rates.

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