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Primary Focus for Virtual Education: Student Experience

openSIS is designed with direct input from administrators and educators and meets virtual institutions' unique data management needs. As a Moodle partner, openSIS is bi-directionally integrated with this industry's favorite Learning Management System (LMS).

openSIS is bi-directionally integrated with Moodle LMS at the code level using REST-API specifications. It supports the latest Moodle version. The integration provides a seamless user experience by logging students in Moodle using SSO from openSIS.

The two applications are integrated in the following areas:

When a new student, teacher, or staff is created in openSIS, they are automatically created in Moodle. For existing users, there is a check box option and when it is checked, the user gets created in Moodle.

openSIS courses are divided into three levels. Subject, Course, and Course Section, and when a course section is created as a virtual class it automatically creates the header record of the course section in Moodle. Teachers or administrators just have to populate the course with the content from a zip file or a SCORM package.

In openSIS, when students are scheduled in a course section that also exists in Moodle, all students are automatically synchronized in Moodle with proper authentication. Students get access to that class and all its contents. The teacher who is teaching the class gets to see all those students enrolled in the Moodle course. The system even creates the calendar weeks in Moodle based on the beginning and end dates of the marking period (in openSIS) in which the course period is offered.

When a Course Section is created in openSIS with the option to create in Moodle, a default Assignment category called Moodle is created within the openSIS Grade book This category synchronizes Teacher activities from Moodle in the form of Assignments, Lessons, and Quizzes. All grades given in Moodle can be pulled into openSIS.

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