Custom Integration

openSIS2, the software as a service (SaaS) version was built on the belief that no one software can do-it-all. Over the years, we listened to our clients complain about the lack of functionality depths in large ERPs, and how error-prone they are.

When we set out to build the next generation of Student Information Systems (SIS), the first thing we pivoted on was it has to be API-driven, a cloud-native system that could integrate with any software that has published APIs. 

We chose some of the most popular applications that our clients trust and use and created integration points. However, openSIS is not limited to these integrations only.

To complete your education management system need, we are willing to build custom integrations with applications that are part of your solution stack. We would be happy to start a professional services contract for such enhancements. Our goal is to bring you productivity without having to overhaul your entire application portfolio.