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Primary Focus for K-12: Student Success

openSIS is designed with direct input from administrators and educators and meets the unique data management needs of schools and districts. Our cloud-based system provides anytime, anywhere access to accurate student data. The Central Student Database is a single source of truth for all student data and brings every stakeholder - students, parents, teachers, administrators, and counselors to the same page.

Using openSIS, you can:

Prevent Student Dropout:

Preventing student dropout requires a comprehensive and coordinated effort involving various stakeholders working together to address the diverse needs and challenges faced by students at risk of dropping out. With openSIS, school administration can get a real-time view of a student’s academic, behavioral, and extracurricular activities obtaining signals of distress or early warning signs of disengagement and a precursor to dropout.

Increase Teacher-Parent Communication:

With openSIS, educators can encourage and facilitate active parental involvement in their child's education. When parents are engaged, they can better support and encourage their children to stay in school. Teachers and administrators can easily communicate with parents and students through integrated messaging, keeping everyone informed and engaged in the learning process.

Engage in Proactive Intervention:

Identify and address potential risk factors early on, such as academic struggles, behavioral issues, absenteeism, or family problems. Implementing targeted interventions and support systems can help keep students engaged and on track.

Meet Annual Yearly Progress (AYP):

To meet AYP, schools require a strategic approach focused on academic achievement, growth, and continuous improvement. 

openSIS lesson plans are designed for schools to prioritize rigorous curriculum standards aligned with state and federal guidelines, ensuring that all students receive high-quality instruction tailored to their individual needs. 

Our versatile gradebook provides assessment entries allowing educators to monitor student progress regularly and identify areas for intervention and support. By identifying the need from various academic reports, educators provide targeted support to struggling students, promoting equitable access to resources, and embracing data-driven decision-making. 

openSIS helps schools not only meet but exceed AYP expectations, creating a pathway to success for all learners.

Increase Graduation Rate:

Using openSIS, educators can provide comprehensive academic support such as personalized learning plans, and targeted interventions for struggling students to help ensure they stay on track and not fall through the cracks. By addressing both academic and non-academic needs, schools can create an environment where students are more likely to graduate successfully.

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