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Primary Focus for Trade Schools: Skills Development

openSIS is designed with direct input from administrators and educators and meets trade school and continuing education institutions' unique data management needs. Our cloud-based system provides anytime, anywhere access to accurate student data. The Central Student Database is a single source of truth for all student data and brings every stakeholder - students, teachers, administrators, and counselors to the same page.

Using openSIS, you can:

Track and Ensure Student Competencies:

Through diligent utilization of openSIS's available tools and features, educators can effectively track and support students' competency development.

Institutions begin by setting up the system to align with their competency framework or standards. Then assess students' progress through a variety of methods such as quizzes, projects, presentations, and observations.

Finally, analyze the data to identify trends and areas for improvement. Utilizing openSIS's reporting features to generate comprehensive reports on individual student competency attainment and overall class performance.

Develop Industry-Relevant Curriculum:

The curriculum can be designed to align with industry standards and demands, ensuring that graduates possess the necessary knowledge and competencies to succeed in their chosen professions. openSIS allows teachers to build custom lesson plans to support the targeted curriculum and provide individualized learning.

Issue Certificates and Licences:

Institutions often offer programs that prepare students for industry-recognized certifications or licensure exams, enhancing their employability and credibility in the job market. openSIS administrators generate course-level certificates or multi-course degree/diploma-level certificates or licenses. The Degree audit feature keeps track of students’ degree or diploma completion and provides accurate information for administrators to determine certification and licensure eligibilities.

Promote Lifelong Learning:

Continuing education provides opportunities for individuals to update their skills, pursue new interests, or transition into different careers throughout their lives, promoting lifelong learning and professional development.

Administrators create application forms that allow a student to directly get admitted as a continuing education student bypassing time-consuming admissions steps. Once admitted, students can enroll in one or more courses.

By offering frictionless admissions and enrolment experiences, trade schools attract more students, increase their revenue, and provide life-long learning opportunities for the students.

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