opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Customization and Enhancements

We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients. It is important that our clients view us not as another vendor, but as a trusted partner. We have the skills, the heritage, and the commitment to help our clients become successful. To do this, we seek a long-term partnership because creating such an archetype does not happen overnight, but over time and through continuous collaboration.

Every school or district has their own particular process that makes their requirements unique. We at OS4ED are committed to learning the processes and making changes to our code to accommodate these processes. Our success is defined by how successful we make our clients.

We perform current state, future state and gap
analysis to define the exact scope

Our Implementation Methodology

The following is our approach for customization and enhancements of openSIS:

  • Research - Immerse ourselves in your school's operational processes, learn about pain points, deficiencies and what is needed to make you productive and successful.
  • Analyze - Translate the results of our findings into a well-defined, high level scope for the technology, business processes and training that you need to put in place to support the change that will fulfill your school administration requirements.
  • Design & Develop - Convert the high level scope into detailed functional and technical specifications that can be used to select different open source software applications for integration or custom develop appropriate functionalities that will support the requirements.
  • Implement - Deploy the new solution in phases and support the training, change management and technical management of the new solution.

We follow Agile development methodology with frequent releases

Agile Development Methodology