Community Edition (openSIS Lite)

Developed by Community volunteers and OS4Ed staff. Continuously evolving. Totally FREE.

This edition of openSIS includes the core system only. Enough to run any school properly. If you want extra features, upgrade to School or District edition.

It includes the source code so you can always cutomize it for your own use. If you develop something useful, please submit the enhancements back to the community.

If you want to volunteer your time in developing openSIS please join the community.

openSIS Lite can be implemented in three ways:

1. Download openSIS-CE and run it locally in your own server. It's a free download and you will be on your own. You can get free community support from our forum.

2. Download openSIS-CE and run it locally on your own server but let OS4ed manage it remotely. That way, OS4ED will be responsible for all upgrades, training, support and business continuity. You will be responsible for the hardware and network.

3. The third and the most preferred way would be to sign up for our cloud hosted solution. This option is of least hassle for you. You will get your own private virtual server running openSIS. All upgrades are automatically performed. Seven day backup is also included. We guarantee a 99% uptime. You focus on your core competency of teaching students while we focus on ours.


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